Launching Future Artist Development in 2018. A dedicated ONE STOP SHOP for all artists or bands looking to reach their potential and launch their careers to the next level. Coach Cannatelli combines his degree and experience in youth work with over 20 years of music industry experience and knowledge dating back to 1998.

With a passion for developing young artists and educating them not just on what do do right, but also what NOT to do; Coach Cannatelli aims to give artists the knowledge they need, placing power in their own hands to reach their goals and achieve success.

Since 2013 Coach Cannatelli has worked with artists including Void Of Vision, Storm The Sky, Harbours, Stand Atlantic, Belle Haven, Arkive, Earthcaller, Pridelands, Stuck Out and more! Prior to this Coach Cannatelli's was best known as guitarist and arranger for YouTuber Kimmi Smiles. He has also worked and interned for both Road Runner Records and Shock Records and been the bass guitarist and manager for former pop-punk band Summerset Avenue.

Coach Cannatelli still actively works in the music industry today, not only as a band coach but has also worked as a tour manager, merchandise manager, stage technician, driver and has helped artists including Ocean Grove, With Confidence, D At Sea as well as the many bands he has coached directly.

As Director and Head Coach of Future Artist Development, Coach Cannatelli aims to continue to helping more artists reach their greatest potential and achieve their goals within the music industry.

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Here at Future Artist Development we believe we have one of the most passionate teams in the Australian music industry. Our team is dedicated to change and demand it of ourselves to help you or your band meet its full potential and beyond.

As well as coaching services the team at Future Artist Development offers resources in marketing and branding, recording, video, photography, merchandise printing, graphic and web design, social media, live YouTube videos and more. Below you will find a group of young people who are dedicated and ready to help you in their respected fields.