Being involved in the local music scene since 2011, Kristian has had over 7 years of experience playing hundreds of shows and touring nationally in a variety of bands. Some of these acts include Storm the Sky, Sierra and Harbours among many others. His musical journey has given him the opportunity to play a variety of national tours and perform on some large scale festivals such as Soundwave, Warped Tour Australia and Unify, sharing the stage with some of the biggest international and national acts. These years of involvement have given him the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be a successful and head turning act through music, and with Future Artist Development he hopes to share this knowledge.

Through Future Artist Development he will be providing bands with a merchandising service that is tailored for the needs of up and coming acts, giving bands an informed and cost effective solution to developing a merchandise range. This is vital especially for new bands, as one of the first hurdles to growth is becoming financially self-sufficient. In current climate of music as record sales drop, merchandise is becoming more and more vital as a major source of income for many acts today.

Additionally, Kristian is also available for other services such as band coaching and individual drum tuition. With a keen eye for what it takes to improve, Kristian is able to give bands the advice and motivation they need to perform at their best, and with his 13 years of drumming experience he is able to offer drum tuition to develop young drummers in any aspect they wish, from beginner to intermediate.