Originally from Germany, George has been drumming for 10 years. His personal sound is heavily influenced by gospel chops, jazz, hip-hop, funk and heavy music. Moving to Australia 7 years ago awoke George's love for heavy metal, and he joined Void Of Vision in 2013. After touring both nationally and internationally for 4 years, with various bands as well as session drumming, George is now focusing on his personal growth as a session and recording artist.

In early 2014 Void Of Vision started working with Coach Cannatelli and received what we now refer to as band coaching for the first time. Over the years this has helped us all tremendously in our live performance both as a band and as individual musicians. After several years of hard work and help from Coach Cannatelli, the boys and myself have now come together to offer a variety of different programs to help both bands and individual musicians work towards different things ranging from stage performance, stage comfort or simply help give an insight into the music business.

Here at Future Artist Development, I am available as a band coach, drum teacher and session/ touring drummer. Having personal experience in playing a lot of different styles of music for several years and working hard to pursue different styles (whilst heavily touring) I would be able to pass any knowledge on, and help out as much as I can.